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more inside baseball
uh oh
among people who believe we can change the world by discussing it differently, one thing they would like the to change is how we talk about—and…
i doubt the story that she sealed him in. the earth is a cold foster mother but that’s a comfort, if you’re used to cold, & his cave-echoes make better…
“ohhhhh why do recipes always underestimate how long it takes to cook something” this is not a problem that you need to have with any given recipe more…
so i have been rereading bleak house & also rewatching the incredible bbc miniseries & for the first time it occurred to me to look up dickens’ work…
i’ve been reading food writing lately, to figure out how to do it, & i’ve noticed that food writers really like to bring up cooking mistakes they have…
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Home Table
Home Table
mycelial meditations
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